About LSGC

People ask me all the time, "are y'all a golf brand or a western brand?" My answer is a simple "yes." 

I grew up in the Cowboy Capital of the World, Stephenville, Texas. I played college baseball, team rope and worked at western stores for 12 years through high school and college, still filling in at hat counters when folks call needing a hand. 

My business partner Mike (We'll forgive him for being a Yankee. He got to Texas as fast as he could.) and I both picked up golf during our college baseball days. We became fully addicted during the COVID-19 pandemic, like so many others. 

In 2021 we started Lone Star Golf Co., buying and selling used clubs. There was a huge surge of new golfers like the sport has never seen and they all needed clubs, but no one starting out wants to pay $500 for a driver. We still don't. 

With my background in western wear, I realized a huge hole in the market that touched both the golf and western industries. "Golf brands don't know Texas and western brands don't know golf." There is a large number of people that are a part of both the golf and western communities, and we all know a Texan's favorite thing to do is tell people they're from Texas. Enter, Lone Star Golf Co. apparel. 

Our goal is simple. Provide quality golf apparel that people from Texas and the western lifestyle actually want to wear. You'll never see hokey western designs with cartoon horseshoes, saguaro cactus and red rock mountains (surprise, there are none in Texas). We're never going to throw a western design on a shirt that doesn't provide the performance you need on the course or in the arena. We also don't want to just slap our logo on whatever the manufacturer has in stock and expect you to buy it because of the name on the tag. 

Every piece of apparel we produce has to answer one question: "Would I, other Texans, and those in the western lifestyle, wear this?" Some of y'all may even get the occasional text or snapchat for your opinion. If the answer is "no", that design is scrapped. Our western heritage is far too important to be left in the hands of some San Diego or East Coast design team that has no concept of what it means to be a Texan, cowboy, cowgirl, rancher, or any other part of our unique lifestyle. 

So hit the range, mount up, and be ready to nod. Now on the tee, from the Great State of Texas, Lone Star Golf Co.

                                                                                                                               - J. Wylie Haile, Owner